First steps to set up your wordpress website
What does this article cover to help you get started?

  • First steps
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Point domain
  • Install WP on your hosting

How to make a wordpress website for beginners 2018


Creating your own website from scratch can be a daunting task for anyone, even for someone who is slightly computer savvy. Thats why I will be showing you how to do this from the start, step by step.

When I first starting out my business I didn’t know much about web design just over 4 years ago, I took the plunge and decided to learn WordPress and build my own website.

So what should I do first ?

Decide on what domain you want to buy, you can find various online vendors who offer free domain when you sign up to hosting account or just buy them without hosting starting from 0.99 to £15.

Bare in mind that you cant really buy a domain outright so you will have to pay a fee to keep your domain on a annual basis.

Next you need to find a hosting company you want to host your website on.

There are loads of companies out there offering you different packages. Since your just starting out just choose a basic plan, and if your website gets really popular then you can always upgrade in the future.

Most hosting companies let you do this without any issues. Hosting can vary in cost from £3 a month to £30 +, but as said before just go with a basic package to start with.

So whats next ?

Point your domain


Once you have your hosting and your domain organised the next step would be to point your domain to your new hosting. When you sign up to your hosting account they will send you an email giving you all the info you need, look for a section about server information, nameservers wil be mentioned here. (see below)

Point your domain



You then need to login to your domain account and find the section called Manage Domain, and then Namesrvers, there you should have option to change this to what you want.

Once you change this it can take a while to update, sometimes 24 hours.

change your nameservers

Install WordPress


To install wordpress on most hosting all you need to do is access your cpannel, or some hosting offer one click installs

If you have cPannel you will see a section called softaculous apps installer near the bottom of the cPannel area.

Choose the App you want to intall, in this case we choose WP.

You then click install and make sure you have selected your domain if you have more than 1. At this stage it installs WP on your hosting and you will have to provide a user name and password you want for your WP website.

Thats it you now have installed WP and your domain is linked to this. In order to login to your WP site, the common way to sign in is

Install WordPress application

Hope you enjoyed this quick step by step guide of how to get started with setting up your website, see a small clip below of what do do next before installing your first theme.

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