DIY Newborn Photography: Photographing Your Own Child

Yes, you can take amazing pictures of your child! Of course, you could not have invested in the essential professional equipment, software, or training. BUT, with a few pointers, any camera, and GOOD OLD WINDOW LIGHT, you can make beautiful photographs that you’ll treasure for years.


In addition, you’ll be shooting a million photographs of your child in-between visits to a professional photographer, so these strategies will come in handy there as well!


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1. Invariably,


This is, of course, your main priority. Perhaps you’ve seen babies in “froggy” poses, when their heads appear to be supported by their hands? That was only feasible thanks to Photoshop’s brilliance, as that baby’s head would not have been well supported otherwise. This is not something you should try at home. Anything that requires a spotter, anything that requires a “prop” (basket, bucket, infant crib, etc. ), and anything that could shatter or tip over are all things to avoid.


2. Make things as simple as possible for yourself.


The simplest DIY Newborn photos, in my opinion, are the most beautiful: Solid-color wraps, white undershirts with crotch snaps, neutral blankets, and a lovely knit hat


I can ooh and ahh over baby clothes with the best of them, but I like classic, form-fitting tees and wraps for newborn images. In photographs, cute attire might be distracting, and the infant can be overshadowed.



Infants are well-known for sleeping a lot. Their sleeping habits, on the other hand, do not necessarily align with our goals. If you want your baby to be flopped out for the photo session so you can get those wonderful sleepy newborn postures, keep them awake for a few minutes before the photographer arrives.




Keeping your baby awake prior to a session is a great way to ensure that they will sleep for the majority of the time. Instead of seeming annoyed or red-faced from bawling, they will appear tranquil in images.





What could be cuter than a newborn who isn’t drinking milk? (Spoiler alert: the answer is 0!)


Newborns are among the world’s most hungry organisms. You don’t want their photo shoot to be ruined by their urgent milk needs. Feeding and burping your baby right before your newborn photo session results in less fussing, more sleep, and relaxed parents (and photographer!).


Avoid serving them a full meal in the one to two hours leading up to your session. If they seem hungry, give them a small snack to keep them going. Then, immediately before your session, feed them a full supper and expect a happy, exhausted baby in return.


Most photo shoots last approximately two hours, giving you plenty of time to feed your child if he or she expects a snack when they wake up. Make sure you have an extra bottle on available if you’re planning to use formula.


This one’s for you, Mama.


Your photographer is a pro at what they do. Give them the opportunity to take command of the situation. It can be difficult to see your child being handled by someone else if you are a mother who feels driven to pick up your child with every grunt they make. This is why it’s so important to select a reputable newborn photographer with a lot of experience.


Photographers recognise how important your child is to you and treat them as such. Any experienced newborn photographer will know which positions are most comfortable for your baby and how to move them without waking them up.


Your photographer should have worked with apprehensive parents before and will be able to calm you down. However, if you start to feel uneasy at any point throughout the shoot, inform your photographer right once. It’s just as important for you to feel at peace as it is for your child.


Also, try not to get too fired up if your youngster is grumpy. Babies can sense their mothers’ nervousness or stress, so if you’re at ease, your baby will be too.