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The 10 Best SEO Tools In 2017

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By some estimates, there are more than 1.2 billion websites on the internet and that is why SEO is so important. If you
have a website, blog or an online store, it is important for you to stand out from the crowd. And the crowd is very big. 1.2 billion big.

Search engine optimisation is one of the safest and most reliable ways for you to attract visitors as it will improve your ranking with the search engines.

SEO can be a tricky thing especially if you don’t have intimate knowledge of its workings. That is why we are bringing you the top 10 best SEO tools for 2017. They will make your life easier as they will help you with keyword research, rank tracking, competition research as well as with link building.


One of the most popular tools for improving your search rankings on the market is Ahrefs. The reason why Ahrefs is so good at doing this is that it has a phenomenal backlink analysis tool called site explorer.

In addition to the site explorer Ahres comes with a keyword explorer which will give you information into keywords
search volume, both on a global and country level, a SERP overview and its position history as well as related keyword ideas.

A third feature worth mentioning is the Content explorer which is used to scour the internet for most popular content,
topics, and keywords.


LinkMiner is a handy little tool that will make sure that you know about all the broken links on any given page.

What we really like about the LinkMiner is that it can access Google SERP and show you how many outbound links any page has. This is useful as it will allow you to know what pages have the most outbound links and you can use that to your advantage.

The best part about it? It is a free Chrome browser extension tool.


Even though Pitchbox isn’t technically an SEO tool it can significantly help with your site’s popularity. It is used for
link building and for outreach and we all know the importance of outreach.

Pitchbox will make your outreach immeasurably easier and more efficient compared to you doing it manually. It
has an email sequencing feature which will allow you to have more free time as you won’t have to set up follow-up emails manually.

Just put in keywords related to your business and in a matter of minutes, you will have a list of websites and blogs
that you might want to connect with.

4)Bing Webmaster Tools

We all know that Bing will never be the top-dog search engine but there is no shame in getting the silver medal. As
Bing is still very much relevant you should try to make the most of it.

Bing Webmaster Tools allow you to do exactly that. It will tell you everything you will ever need to know regarding
the visibility of your site with Bing and they will even reveal keywords that other search engines wouldn’t.

5)Our services

Again, not an SEO tool to be exact but this company’s services are better than any SEO’s tool out there. They do WordPress website design, graphic design which includes flyers, leaflets, and logo design as well as offering professional photography services.

In addition to all of this, they do Local SEO services and promotional video production. We highly recommend you look
them up as they could do wonders for your site and for your business in general.

Choosing SEO


When in doubt turn to Seobility. Seobility is a tool that will give you a comprehensive overview of your site’s SEO

There are 4 distinct features that make it stand out.

The first one is the SEO checker which will allow you to see how good your sites SEO is and also give you tips on how to
improve it.

The second one is the SEO compare which is quite handy when you want to compare two pages for a distinct keyword.

Keyword check is the third feature and it will show how good your website is in terms of your target keywords.

The last feature is the ranking check and it is used for checking your pages rankings for keywords.


SEOptimer is a tool similar to the previous one as it is used to for checking just how good your overall SEO is. Why is it important to know how good your sites SEO is? If it is bad you need to know so you can change what you are doing and if it is good you need to know so that you can keep doing what you are doing.

SEOptimer is used to check your page metrics, keyword usage, rate your backing profiles and domain authority. Once
it’s finished with all of this SEOptimer will grade your website and give you some useful tips.

8)Google Analytics

If you really want to improve your websites SEO and know how it ranks there is one tool that is virtually essential. Google

It allows you to bring up pages that are featured on your website and to see which ones get the most attention from Google itself. Apply elements of the popular pages to the not so popular ones and watch your traffic skyrocket.

9)Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a tool used to track your rank and SERP. It will allow you to track the available information by country, city and even by postal code. It will give you the entire keywords, show you how they are ranked and just how popular they really are.

You can also use it track your competitions search ranking and to see what their most popular keywords are. You do the math
and figure out why this is so important and what you can do with this information.

10)SEM Rush

While we are on the subject of competition research we ought to mention the SEM Rush tool. It is the ultimate tool for
stealth tactics as it allows you to do research on your competition in more than 20 ways.

It will show their best and worst backlinks, keywords, content and much, much more. Once you have this information you can do with it whatever you want. We suggest you use it wisely and improve your own website.

These are some of the best SEO tools for 2017 and each and every one of them can be beneficial for increasing your site’s ranking. We strongly recommend that you check them out and start utilizing your website to the fullest in the process.

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