How To Use The WordPress Admin Login?


Using the wordpress login is a simple process, which is what I will show you step by step in this how to guide.

Getting to know how to use use the WordPress platform can take a while to get the hang of. That’s why I have started to create some step by step guides for you to read which will help you on your journey using WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there for building your website, however finding out the basics of how it works can be a challenge for some. So I decided to create this guide on how to use the WordPress login.


Sign In To WordPress


First of all you need to have wordpress installed on your hosting against your domain name.  Check out my previous blog on getting started with wordpress How To Make A WordPress Website, this is for beginners and is the first of many to come.

You can find lots of different hosting companies out there which offer good value for money. These hosting accounts can cost from £2 per month upwards.

when it comes to buying a domain you can get these usually free or as little as 99p.


WordPress Admin Login


Type your url on the address bar of your browser.

How to login to wordpress


Add wp-admin after your domain name

Wordpress login admin url


Then you will come to the WordPress Admin screen, this is where you enter all your details you set up when you installed WP on your hosting.

The login page on wordpress











Here you just click login and you will be taken to the main WP dashboard.


Adding A User For WordPress Login


You might want to give more people access to your website, such as a developer or SEO agent.

To do this all you have to do is click Users to left side of the dashboard.

Users on WP

Once you are here you need to click on Add New button to begin the process.

add new user to wp

Then you will get the below page.Just fill in the sections and select from the dropdown under Role what access you want to give, choose Administrator or something else.

new user page on WP

Sign In WordPress Conclusion


We have looked at how to login to your wordpress website from the the start. Also we covered how to create a new user from your wordpress dashboard.

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